The Heart Mountain Irrigation District is comprised of 31,120 irrigable acres north of the Shoshone River from Cody, Wyoming to about seven miles north of Ralston, Wyoming. The Heart Mountain Canal provides water for the Heart Mountain division.

The canal begins at the inlet to the Shoshone River Siphon, which spans the river below the Shoshone Canyon conduit outlet; the canal has an initial capacity of 914 cubic feet per second and a length of about 28 miles. About 140 miles of distribution laterals and 145 miles of open and closed drains also serve the Heart Mountain division.

The facility was built by the Bureau of Reclamation in the late 1940’s with water deliveries starting in the early 1950’s. Around 1960 the operation and maintenance was turned over to the Heart Mountain Irrigation District. Along with that came an obligation for the construction of the water system. This was a long term non-interest bearing loan payable to the United States. The original amount was 8 million dollars, payments of $56,000 per year, with a final payment in 2065. We currently have a balance of 3.8 million dollars. We also have a 1.8 million dollar loan to the USBR for a Rehabilitation and Betterment project which began in the early 1980’s. As you can see the district still has considerable debt to service each year. There are 691 Landowners in the District.