News: 2022 Water Turn on Date Set!!

Please help us welcome your new Zone 2 Commissioner: GW Eastman

Feel free to stop and say hi, or congratulate Mr. Eastman!

2022 Water Season:

Water turn on date set for April 13th, weather dependent.

Fifth and Final Enlargement: The framework from the SEO(State Engineer Office), has been returned. HMID staff will begin working with EA Engineering on applying adjudicated water rights, converting water service contracts and allocating the new class 5 water rights.

Water Law in Legislation:

Right now there is a bill in the Select Water Committee. Bill draft 21LSO-0062.3 was introduced last year, it was then put on hold for further consideration. Now up for review again, looking to be passed on to the House and Senate. When this happens we will no longer have an opportunity for direct public comment or influence.

This bill directly affects Surface Water Rights on your land and within the state as a whole. Please take time to read through the proposed changes and reach out to our committee members with any questions or concerns regarding this issue.

Bill review: November 9th and 10th

Select Water Comittee: Legislative Committee Detail (

Bill Draft 21LSO-0062.3: 21LSO-0062 v0.3 Disposition of water rights. (