Although it has happened in the past, the District will no longer continue loaning out District property.



Fall Greetings:


By the time you get this, irrigation season will be over and harvest wrapping up. The Commissioners would like to update everyone to recent changes at the District.

July 10th, previous management was relieved of his duties; the crew pulled together and did a great job of moving forward. On Oct. 9th the Board hired Tyler Weckler as District Manager and Rusty McKeen as Supervisor of Field Operations, Tiara Wagar was voted in as Secretary/Treasurer. The Board is excited about these promotions and knows that all of our employees will continue to see that the District runs smoothly.

To touch on a couple other items of interest. The enlargement is progressing as we expected, the State Engineers Office is on their second phase of approvals and moving along nicely.

We received funding for the Rattlesnake Liner from WWDC and the local court has approved us getting a loan for our share. However, we had applied for three Water Smart Grants from the BOR for $300,000 each and are happy to say we have been awarded all three. Each comes with conditions, as all Federal Grants do; the Board, Employees and District are all ready, willing and able to meet all conditions to secure these grants. This will mean we will not have to take out a 40-year loan for our share of the liner reconstruction. We will continue to monitor the liner as well as the whole canal system on a daily basis when water is in the canal and repair and spray AquaLastic where needed in the off season until the actual replacement can take place.

I hope you have a good peaceful winter, as always call or stop by the office if you have questions, concerns, problems or your wife just wants you out of the house for a while.




Pat Nelson, VP