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Hi everyone:

The 2017 irrigating season is upon us. Although spring storms have allowed some to delay irrigating for a little while, I wanted to touch on a few things and have a little update:

The crew completed R-15 this winter and been busy this spring doing the 101 things it always takes to get ready for the water season. We have purchased the Aqualastics machine and were able to spray quite a bit of the bottom and other areas of the Rattlesnake liner, (see pictures of the web site)District 1 has a new ditch rider, Jim Roberson has taken Jeff Livingston’s place; he worked with Jeff some last year. Jeff Livingston has moved to district 4. So let’s welcome them, it won’t take them long to learn the quirks, challenges and unique water problems in their districts and how to deal with or solve them.

Just a reminder whether you are an individual farmer, live in a subdivision or have a two landowner agreement, someone has to put a card in the box for you to get water. If you are an individual farmer then that person is you, if you live in a subdivision that person would be the Water Master for your subdivision and the card signed by the Water Master is the only one the ditch rider will accept, if you have a two landowner agreement the designated one of you is responsible for the water cards. Also it is the Water Masters job to keep records as to whom in your subdivision is using water and when, so that extra water can be calculated at the end of the year. If you have questions or need a plan as to how to do this contact me and I will show you how I do mine. Please remember there is a 48 hour turn on and a 24 hour change or turn off time.

By now all of you should have gotten your maps for the final enlargement. Look over your maps and if you have questions please call the district and schedule an appointment to get them answered. I urge all of you that have the chance to have acres included to do so. It is important for you and for the irrigation district.

If for some reason you choose to opt out of this final enlargement of the district, Please be aware that those acres we have identified to be included whether class 6 or historically irrigated, will not be watered by district water ever again, this is per state law, the State Engineers Office, the BOR and the Heart Mt. Irrigation District. If you have the chance to be part of the last and final enlargement of the HMID please let’s get this done.


Spring has sprung

The irrigation season has begun

New life is evident everywhere

Calves and kittens frolic without a care

May your crops grow tall

and your weeds stay small

A prosperous year for you I am wishing

Remember there is nothing wrong with a little fishing.

Make it a great summer.


Pat Nelson Vice President HMID