Water Distribution Plan

Requirements for approval of WDP

To be completed and provided by a licensed engineer or surveyor

Tables to be included in organized fashion, devoid of unnecessary clutter (proposed utilities, fences, etc.)
  1. Water rights distribution plan by land class, for every lot, tract or parcel involved (to include areas no longer receiving water rights).
  2. Easements:
    1. Water delivery & Return Flow
    1. HMID Canal, Laterals, Ditches (delivery or return flow)
    1. HMID Access
    1. Open & Buried water flow methods
  3. Association:
    1. By-Laws, Notarized and filed with the county
    1. Watermaster Appointment, notarized and filed with the county
  4. Sprinkler Only:
    1. Subdivider shall supply all necessary infrastructure in regards to supply and return flow, for each lot, tract or parcel.
    1. Lots designated by variance approval
      1. Variance dependent upon approval based on lot size, acreage, drainage and topography.
  5. Note Section:
    1. Water delivery past HMID diversion point managed by Water Association (Name)______.
    1. All maintenance, delivery and associated costs are responsibility of Water Association.
    1. Subdivider shall provide adequate means of conveyance for each lot, tract or parcel.
  6. Suggestions:
    1. Acre Foot Allotments
    1. Flow of water across parcels
  7. Applicable Fees (see attached schedule):